Climate Change is Real.

polarbear3polarbearpolarbear2And the president’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement  was not cool at all. This polar bear highly agrees.  Take care of the Earf and it will take care of you.


Caffeinated Veins / AutoPilot Mornings


My long-term relationship with coffee began as an academic necessity. I heavily relied on caffeine to perk me up on autopilot mornings, a time-lapsed thirty-minute routine that usually looked like this: wake up at 5AM after 4/5 hours of sleep, drink water, shower, choose a warm outfit I’ll regret in the afternoon, put on a hat/beanie/hair up, slip feet into comfy shoes,  grab a banana/granola bar and go.  

Then I’d commute by sunrise, stop at a coffee shop and pick up a drink, relax on the train, turn up the music and either get lost in a song or think too much about frivolous things. And  I’d be in class, typing away at a computer and chugging down coffee like my peers, and there was nothing more pleasing than the argumentative mouse clicks and mindless keyboard chatter and verbal transmission of ideas in a factory of multimedia and graphic design robots. 


I finally have high-quality sleep these days. Sleep is never overrated, yo. 


Since graduation, our relationship slowed down, and our interactions are now built out of leisure, and a little less on energy dependency. On this day, the sunlight radiated glittering flecks of gold cosmically swirling in a caffeinated  galaxy and it was perfect.


A few snapshots from last Friday’s trip through the NYC. Pro Tip: Don’t be a tourist, if you want to make any city your own. 

California Dreamin’ 

I highly recommend that everyone ride the Amtrak at least once in their lives, beginning with the Pacific Surfliner, for an intimate coastal tour of Southern California’s alluring seascape. The San Joaquin takes you to through the  heart of Central Valley, where all the sheep and happy cows thrive. 

This is just a tiny fraction of the natural and manmade beauty that  the Golden State has to offer. In less than 8 hours, traveling north from San Diego takes you by the sea, through cities and towns, both  young & urbanized, and old &  gentrified, through emerald green mountains and quilted farmland, through overcast, rain, fog and sunshine. A little further would have taken you to Kings Canyon, Sequoia National Park & Yosemite, every nature lover’s dream. Can’t forget about the desert ecosystems of the East, Death Valley and the snow-capped playgrounds of the Sierra Nevadas, San Bernardino, and San Gabriel mountains. 

These snapshots were taken with my camera held against the window, and this photoset is not enough to do my state justice. On another note, I plan to take the Coast Starlight to Seattle one of these days. I love you, CA.