You would think that after venturing somewhere new and the realization of approaching the tender young age of 30, I would be more compelled to write about my adventures or at the very least, jot down an obligatory reflection for 2017, yet the words are nothing but dried adhesive, unwilling to stick around any longer. But it’s approaching 1:30 AM, which is now considered unusual because I’ve been sleeping earlier these days (before 12!). I have so many photos stocked in the archive, I Honestly need to post.


Qingdao Behring Natural History Museum

The Qingdao Behring Natural History museum is nestled in the lovely Childrens Park, an unassuming building, nearly camouflaged with its natural landscape. As an avid museum-goer, I definitely wasn’t expecting the American Natural History Museum (New York) or even the Natural History Museum in San Diego. But this is definitely a great place to experience, especially for kids and families. The fun activities range from VR viewfinders to interactive displays, with individual rooms to view videos or relax as mesmerizing jellies float down a wall (via projection screen). Best of all, you can view your favorite animals up close and personal–observe in fear and awe, the penetrative gaze of predator and prey in their static stance, the meticulous care and preservation to keep these creatures alive (even in death).

On this night, I was pressured to sing sang “Hey, Jude” at an Unplugged event with a cool group of dudes and it was a lovely, cinematic karaoke moment for me that will probably never happen again. The bar had emptied out to a few patrons, and liquid courage made me do it. Also, I was pretty much pulled on stage and didn’t wanna be a Debbie downer 🤣


My other favorite equinox has a relatively short timespan here –the vibrant colors seem to fully emerge in mid-November, only to be violently erased by the disapproving winds of winter. These photos were kinda taken at the wrong time–hunting autumnal splashes amid stripped groves, and missing out on capturing the mellow yellow maple lined street in all its golden glory (last photo). Most of the leaves were probably not even yellow anyway ( making myself feel better).