I. Need. To. Finish. These. Drafts.


We are catching a pre-flight fade in a bar at incheon/ Seoul talking about Japan with some dude sitting next to us and how it’s just this awesome amazing beautiful country that spoiled me in my youth/adolescence   and man…I hella miss Japan rn yo. But korea V dope as always. Needa explore outta the airport tho lolz.

It’s crazy windy right now, so I’m seeking refuge inside a cozy coffee shop, catching up on posts. Amid the vast array of international travel and tourism adverts plastered on the walls, this particular one, instantly caught my eye. Antelope Canyon. The Wave. Horseshoe Bend. The southwestern Nature things that had been pending on my wanderlist. The top right image stood out the most, the seaside pair modeled after that famous photo at Times Square,  with the backdrop of a familiar aircraft carrier, that visually indicated I was MIDWAY between Seaport Village and Waterfront Park. Navy town. Vacation city.