America’s Finest Blues

The soil here no longer nourished me, so I relied on Miracle-Gro, which somewhat impaired my growth, so I decided that it was time to finally uproot and transplant into another city–halfway around the globe. The new supercity is a warm combination of familiar cities: NYC population and subway system (Metro), Chicago pedestrian flow, freeze and chill, LA sprawl, SF fog, Seattle gloom, Honolulu rain, Tokyo humidity, mixed with occasional sunshine and snowy days. Last, but not least, it magnificently mirrored my hometown, from the varied geography of Southern California to the coffee shops, bars, coastline, Old Town, and self-proclaimed moniker as a beer city.

Then there’s the people. As we sang and danced around the office, speaking in Japanese, and bonding over Japanese food/culture, I remembered a question my sister asked before I left: how long does it take before you consider a place home?

I probably lucked out because this city holds so many aspects of places I’ve loved. Family and lifelong friendships aside, I think the one thing that truly makes a new place feel like home is the people you meet and connections you make, especially with those who are like-minded. So after taking the subway to Subway and losing myself in the LIT AF cityscape, the guilt of leaving my hometown finally vanished. This is where I’m supposed to be now. My new soil.

I’m also a walk away from two Uniqlos and H&M, so that’s tight.

MIXTAPE: Commercial Love Cuatro

But I love myself now.

I’m kind to myself now.

I’m more confident now.

I’m more compassionate now.

My headspace is less chaotic now.

Isn’t that enough?


Love on the Weekend – John Mayer

Never Been in Love – Talib Kweli

Used to Love U – John Legend

Paris Nights / New York Mornings – Corinne Bailey Rae

Milestone Moon – Zee Avi

Stellar – Incubus

Maybe – N.E.R.D.

Do I Wanna Know? – Chvrches

Moon and the Sky – Sade

A Place Like This – Majid Jordan

She’s Only Happy in the Sun – Ben Harper

Chasing Pavements – Adele

I Feel it Coming – The Weeknd ft Daft Punk

Weight in Gold – Gallant

Lost Stars – Maroon 5

Cruisin’ – D’Angelo

You (remix) – Lloyd ft Andre 3000, Nas


Fog + Low Tide




Jellyfish Palace


“Will it snow more?”

I asked my co-worker if it will snow more in this city, and she said ‘probably not,’ then Mama Nature was like ‘I gotchu fam,’ and dumped this heavy heavy, creating a rarely seen scene, and it was magical and beautiful and I got up way too early for these photos (trynna beat the workers from shoveling and stuff ) but it was snow worth it.