Hummingbird Appreciation Post

Because these little dudes don’t exist in this part of the world,  and I miss seeing them everywhere. 


It’s crazy windy right now, so I’m seeking refuge inside a cozy coffee shop, catching up on posts. Amid the vast array of international travel and tourism adverts plastered on the walls, this particular one, instantly caught my eye. Antelope Canyon. The Wave. Horseshoe Bend. The southwestern Nature things that had been pending on my wanderlist. The top right image stood out the most, the seaside pair modeled after that famous photo at Times Square,  with the backdrop of a familiar aircraft carrier, that visually indicated I was MIDWAY between Seaport Village and Waterfront Park. Navy town. Vacation city. 

Zoo Coffee [ 86 Aomen Road ]

I went WILD when I first discovered this animal-themed coffee shop at the marina. I miss asking Siah where he wants to go, and the Zoo would be his automatic answer. Anyway, this spot specializes in fun lattes and combo mochas (I miss pourovers, yo). It’s been tough to find close coffee shops that sell more than americanos, espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes, except the coffee shop I’m in right now that actually sells the good  stuff with varietal origins (WAT).

Blue + Green

Intended to explore a major scenic area, but instead, stumbled into the lovely  Zhongshan Park, which reminded me so much of Central Park–a giant  patch of nature in an urban setting, surrounded by botanical gardens and a textural mixture of towering trees, dipped with lotus-filled lakes & Lilly ponds, embellished with miscellaneous sculptures. There is also a mini amusement park and zoo hidden somewhere in between. Oh cool,  I just realized that Balboa Park, Central Park, Griffith Park, now this park,  all have zoos in them, that’s so rad. 

I Honestly Can’t Complain Bro.

Took the bus and subway once, and I definitely plan on learning the routes in the future. For now, I relish in the fact that the following are an easy walking distance from my place: 

The School

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya

Coffee Street

Creative Street

Book Bar

Fangsuo Bookstore

85 Degrees Cafe

Rotary Sushi


Pepper Lunch (unofficial, but still the dish thing) & Eel fried rice 




The Marina (WATER)



Local markets



Yes. Even in another country, I still gravitate to all the Japan things. Doremon and Totoro are all over the place, here. 



Consumed my first avocado in a month. Unfortunately, not as guac mashed with sour cream, hella stuffed inside a California burrito or Surf & Turf. I wants dat.

I also want farmers market pupusas and tamales.

Have several drafts including coffee posts pending because uploads are taking forever.  So this is just all text. Soo yeaaaaaah.