Free Fallin’

I’m gonna free-fall out into nothing, gonna leave this world for a while. 

When I first heard the fireworks, I thought they were gunshots, and my fight-or-flight immediately panicked like WTF yo, and pushed me out of my hotel bed and I fearfully rushed towards the door as intermittent sparks flashed and bounced around the walls like a malfunctioning strobe light–much to the amusement of my boss and his wife, who happily reassured us that this was no cause for concern, since fireworks were practically a daily occurrence. 

In their land of invention, fireworks are traditionally released to ward off evil spirits. On some occasions, they are also released to celebrate weddings or as a message to the gods to spread wealth and prosperity over the city, for good luck and good fortune. And every night, when the sporadic sparks liven up the city,  few curious citizens follow the noise (mainly children),  and the majority  just go about their business, unphased. 

It’s pretty unfortunate that hearing those fireworks automatically triggered a negative response and how quickly this brain associated its sound with gunfire. Back home, shootings are practically a daily occurrence, and shocking images of violence are grossly ingrained in our heads. It’s  incredibly tiresome and annoyingly cyclic  to read yet another headline citing a mass shooting as the deadliest in modern US history. And it was a cot damn music festival, in Vegas, where everyone was just trying to have fun and enjoy life. Why take that away from them, then end your own life in cowardice. Fcuk you.  

Why couldn’t they just be fireworks?


I’m in another world. 

I’m more worried and concerned  about the health and safety of loved ones in the US, than I am of myself over here. I’m in an oddly peaceful place right now, and that guilt creeps up again because I want y’all to feel this peace with me. I’ve jokingly stated that  the only real danger for me is getting hit by a car on the crosswalk, since drivers ridiculously have the right-of-way here, even when the pedestrian light is green! But I’ve grown accustomed to navigating, and even with all the whacky maneuvering, there hasn’t been any incidents of hit -and -runs or car accidents. I’m still crazy cautious tho.

This post was originally supposed to be about some epiphany-heavy, eatpraylove fueled, rain-soaked aromatic experience in a market I discovered, close to my apartment (photo), but then I read the news and got super upset, so that’s where my brain decided to go. I would’ve loved to see the direction it would have gone with the original post tho…BOO U.S. NEWS.


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