Pulse Portal, Davis McCarty.  A 16ft dichroic acrylic structure that was intended to mimic a dragonfly’s wings by simultaneously transmitting multiple colors. 


Neon Tunnel,  Kitsch Nitsch. It’s a makeshift tunnel  created by a Slovenian design studio that is way shorter than it looks. And it’s neon. 


On A Human Scale, Matthew Matthew.  A  global collaborative experiment that interactively interweaves a piano’s keys to an individual note of each featured person.  This immersive audio- visual experience “fuses  music, film, people  technology into a living, breathing, singing cross section of humanity.”


The Last Word, Illegal Art.  Participants  have a chance for a  private moment to recapture what was never uttered, on paper. 


Not Myself Today, Partners for Mental HealthThe goal was to look at the gaps between the pins  to see what a majority of people feel. Would this be an effective way to measure mental health? 


Sweet Spot, Shawn Causey  and Mark Daniell. A color installation of 3700 thin multicolor nylon cords hanging ceiling to floor through handmade wood compartments. There are 19 miles of cord in the piece, which was handmade in Indianapolis with a team of 80 volunteers contributing 1000 hours.  The flickering effect compels the viewer to slow down as the eye registers shifts in color, in order to explore color harmonies activated by viewer movement.  The viewer may find their own ‘sweet spot’ of resonating color relationships as they relate one perspective to another.


Daydream V2, Nonotak Studio. An audiovisual installation that generates space distortions and plays with the relationship between space and time, accelerations, contractions, shifts and metamorphosis.  



A Religious Experience, Adam Belt. My favorite installation and classic unsteady hands. This is exactly what Brandon Boyd meant when he sang  ” The sky resembles a back-lit canopy with holes punched in it,” in Wish You Were Here. 

When I first heard about Wonderspaces, a self-advertised pop-up museum of extraordinary experiences, I excitedly envisioned grand-scaled, futuristic art installations exhibited on an area that occupied the size of a  baseball field, not a large white tent, awkwardly standing out-of-place on a dirt plot of land.

Davis McCarty’s Pulse Portal  vibrantly  highlights the entrance of this mirage.  As implied,  his delightfully iridescent structure transports visitors into the interlaced  realm of fantasy and virtual reality, of  wonder and space: Wonderspace(s).

As an art-oriented person, I felt that the $20 (student discount), was totally worth it, and it would be tough for me to say anything negative because  the creative process is soul-sucking and pop-ups like these are probably intimidating to coordinate because most patrons would probably have high expectations and  want “more bang for their buck.” But i’m also the type of person who would pay $20 to engage in these experiences–anything to support the art world, because this stuff is hard, yo.

A few pieces were reminiscent of permanent and traveling  exhibits at The Fleet  ( Blooms, Rainbow Museum: You + Your Shadow) because art and science mingle and stuff. The Wacky-Waving-Arm-Flailing-Inflatable-Tube Man dance  party (On Tilt)  was crazy random but still amusing. Our (myself and my sister’s) only wish would be to include information of each piece under the artist’s name, from materials used to its function for educational purposes. The remaining pieces that are not featured can be found here .






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