BLACK PANTHER had taken off his costume and I was too shy to ask him to put it back on for the photo,  along with  the strange delivery of that request towards a stranger. Anywho, this is Spiderman and Deadpool and some bad bad dude coming soon to a theater near you.


I removed a dude’s hat from the background, and tried my best to cover it up. Still messed up tho. But look, a potential model for ABERZOMBIE and FITCH LOL


Dude on the far-right corner behind April and Shredder looking at me  like ‘are you taking my foto,’ and i’m like lol bro do you  not see these two in front of you,  get over yourself, yo.


Pretty much this person’s facial reaction towards me without showing their face. ART.


S/O to this human’s commitment: a demogorgon walking effortlessly on stilts in 80 degree temps.


Man, if only these two weren’t backlit–that dude’s reaction and…how was I able to take this photo…he’s hella holding dolls…am I scared of them still or do I just psych myself out. Is it weird that I dislike the ones that look like actual babies as opposed to these movie ones. Wat.


I couldn’t remove that hand without things getting weird, but it’s Rick and the dog is dressed as Snuffles, how cool is that.


My favorite part about this image is the subtle figure/ground repetition and that umbrella.


If I moved more towards the right and ducked down a bit in a more mindful angle, it would’ve been a sweeter shot of these superheroes on their downtime.


A kid actually photobombed this and my “better shots.” Abused ‘content-aware’ and the clone stamp in an attempt to remove kid from background. And LOL the hand is still there. 


She’s actually a sweet old Japanese lady promoting IT (these promotors were everywhere, young and old, head down with that red balloon), and she ended up following me with her head down which initially creeped me out, but she just wanted to give me a film promo card lol.

Life–events and experiences– truly becomes sweeter when you realize that everything’s labelled with an expiration date. Instead of mentally grumbling about the air-tight crowds as I would’ve annoyingly done in the past (yet I keep coming back), I relished in Downtown’s collaborative transformation from super chill town to a bustling pop culture wonderland–comprised of tv/film/comic themed restaurant menus,  grand-scale installations and manic marketing (i.e. massive banners on building facades and trolleys covered in illustrated Funko POP! Conan advertising wrap), interactive zones, exclusive art galleries and exhibitions, a converted (Harry Potter)  Starbucks, right down to the elusive ‘famous person’ sighting  and SDCC Limited Edition SD Public Library cards (F-yeah).

And I think to myself (what a wonderful world), how awesome is it that my city hosts one of the largest multi-genre conventions in the world, and we are so cot damn proud of it,  in the greatest way imaginable  (I MEAN WE HAVE TO OWN THE F OUT OF  IT, SINCE WE NO LONGER HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM, WHICH WAS ALSO A QUIP  ON CONAN’S SHOW–EVERYBODY KNOWS ).

Portrait Photography is not my forte, so I challenged myself to take at least 10 portraits (candid/posed) of one of the most sought-after species for people watching, Comic-Con’s migrational cosplayer.  I’m well-aware of the technical specs, but I  do the best I can with this kit lens…even if it means shmedium DOF  for most of the photos. They’re okay. I’m just  happy that I was somewhat able to get my Jeff Mermelstein on without resorting to the usual Cartier-Bresson.



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