Murals of La Jolla


Sexy Cash, 2015 – Mark Bradford


Man, Myth & Magic, 2017 – Steven Hull


One Pointed Attention, 2014 – Kelsey Brookes


Brain/Cloud (With Seascape and  Palm Tree), 2011 – John Baldessari


Opening, 2014  – William Wegman


Blah, Blah, Blah, 2015 – Mel Bochner


at sea, 2012 – Ann Hamilton


Expecting to Fly (For the Zeroes), 2013 – Fred Tomaselli


Favorite Color, 2010 – Roy McMakin

Nine finds (10th not pictured) out of Sixteen murals scattered  around downtown La Jolla for the sole purpose of demonstrating how commissioning artists to create works for public spaces brings energy and vitality to a community. Fortunate that an overcast rolled in on this heatwave afternoon– cooling down this stroll and creating a perfect soft box for concealing the hard shadows that come with bright, midday lighting.  Happy that I found Baldessari, Wegman, and Brookes’ pieces. Still need to find Terry Allen’s Playing La Jolla (for all it’s worth).


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