Caffeinated Veins / AutoPilot Mornings


My long-term relationship with coffee began as an academic necessity. I heavily relied on caffeine to perk me up on autopilot mornings, a time-lapsed thirty-minute routine that usually looked like this: wake up at 5AM after 4/5 hours of sleep, drink water, shower, choose a warm outfit I’ll regret in the afternoon, put on a hat/beanie/hair up, slip feet into comfy shoes,  grab a banana/granola bar and go.  

Then I’d commute by sunrise, stop at a coffee shop and pick up a drink, relax on the train, turn up the music and either get lost in a song or think too much about frivolous things. And  I’d be in class, typing away at a computer and chugging down coffee like my peers, and there was nothing more pleasing than the argumentative mouse clicks and mindless keyboard chatter and verbal transmission of ideas in a factory of multimedia and graphic design robots. 


I finally have high-quality sleep these days. Sleep is never overrated, yo. 


Since graduation, our relationship slowed down, and our interactions are now built out of leisure, and a little less on energy dependency. On this day, the sunlight radiated glittering flecks of gold cosmically swirling in a caffeinated  galaxy and it was perfect.



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