*dis not mine*

Foto-Fail Friday

In honor of hitting the one-year mark of finally experiencing the city that still occupies my soul, this #FFF post is dedicated to Chicago, and the fact that I carelessly deleted that folder is a major fail in itself. However, at least those images were captured as opposed to missed opportunities like this find(above photo), a congested literary window tinged with golden hues, that immediately caught my eye as we navigated unknown territory, in search of Crisp, a bomb AF Korean chicken spot. The camera was tucked away in my backpack; we quickly zig-zagged through various streets to catch a bus, and just like that, the fantastical window of devoured books, on that vintage snow-laden street corner was gone. Thanks to the interwebz, a simple Google search of independent bookstores in Chicago enabled me to quickly trace its identity: Bookman’s Corner.


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