It’s 2017 tomorrow, but it just feels like i’m about to walk through a jacked-up screen door connecting the backyard to the kitchen–the faulty kind that requires two hands and total body strength to fully slide open.


I’m running along the extroverted side of the Ocean Front Boardwalk–PB–Thirsty Thursday’s boisterous wild child, stuffed with a massive influx of seasonal vacationers and locals, taking advantage of the occasional 75-degree winter.

An unsuspecting gang of stratocumulus clouds collectively merge and dramatically sweep over the Earth, fighting for its affections in an awkward air hug, and forewarning beachgoers as well as surrounding guests & residents of an impending storm. The low-tide’s gigantic mirror stretches across the shore, reflecting the ocean in the sky. A lovely photo op.


Okay. So this is my third attempt to tackle this reflection, and 2016 has 30 minutes left to leave its mark on the West Coast. I’m laying on a sofa, next to a traditional brick fireplace, heated by hungry pine-fed flames surrounded by family and I couldn’t be happier. Despite the general outlook of a “sucky year,” from pop cultural perspective, my 2016 was not an emotional rollercoaster and I’ve evolved more than all the Pokémon I caught in Pokémon Go. In terms of practicing daily gratitude, appreciation, self-care, mindfulness, and more importantly, genuinely valuing family, this year was pretty cool for personal, physical, mental and spiritual growth. Oh yeah, crossed off some yearly/lifetime goals, and I finally experienced Chicago! On that note, cheers to an awesome, adventurous and prosperous 2017! Peace, Love & Good Vibez! Five minutes left, yeeee.


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