These key lines motivated me to surmount the obstacles of late adolescence and remained a temporary fixture on my MySpace headline/ bio.

But we strive on, mentality stay strong…

-Rascalz ft Barrington Levy & k-os, Top Of The World

They say life’s a teacher, you’re gonna get tested.

-Common, Goodlife

I recently listened to both songs with new ears and a modified mindset (adjusted from experience), and these lines now stand out to me:

And I’m gonna be there, spreading the vibe, all over the world.

Fear ain’t in the heart of me, I learned ‘just do it,’ you get courage from your fears right after you go through it.

These songs have remained the same for over a decade, but struck a different chord on the second listen–audible dynamism, an indication of progression. Music is boundless, you can listen to the same song at different points in your life and either relate or dissociate, feel indifferent or moved, depending on the jam or your mood(or both). But the songs that squeeze your soul out like a twisted wet rag, create the greatest impact. Just like an awesome sunset.


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