My hopeful Fair roll sadly turned out to be the worst of the three that i’ve developed so far(Fail Roll). We got too turnt for Electronic Friday, so the snaps from this day were either careless or did not carry out the vision I had in my head–pretty much like that episode of Family Guy where Peter and Lois are under the influence while performing folk songs, and are given the impression that they’re awesome singers, when in reality, they actually sucked. Blurred bubbles and butterflies, wrong subject focused, everything was just a huge mess. I spent the second Fair night super sober, but my camera’s flash had died, so a head shot of a human in a Cymbal-Banging Monkey costume(reminded me of Monkeyshines!), POV shots from the swing ride, and Siah side-profiled with Kuya’s neck tatt of him, are all terribly underexposed, and cannot be saved. 

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