On this lazy Sunday morning, an iMessage alert perks me up with the concrete grey headline: “Aisa, look where we are!!!” I open the message to reveal the familiar curve of the Colorado carving out one of Arizona’s natural hallmarks, Horseshoe Bend, unfiltered and uncropped for me to take in the gorgeous splendor of mama nature. I respond with elation and playful travel envy, then ask if Antelope Canyon is on their sightsee list as well. As fate may have it, that text was sent on their way to the famed slot canyon, and the latter photo featuring one of erosion’s finest masterpieces, found its way into my phone and heart.

My Arizona fam is currently on a road trip to visit various National Parks throughout California and the Western US. So far, my cousins have stamped out a majority of the places I wanted to visit off their cute little National Park passports, from Arches to Zion, and Wyoming things in between. Living vicariously through photos is awesome, but definitely won’t do these places and spaces any justice, than experiencing all the wonder and majesty in person.

*Draft Box: June 26*


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