Took full advantage of this beautiful sunny day –break from June gloom gloom–in the pre-heated oven of SoCal, before this city starts baking like banana bread over the weekend. Today’s cardio/photo walk was a 5.5 mile urban hike that I’ve been meaning to accomplish(and highly recommend): The Seven Bridge Walk.

This “trail” begins at the Balboa Park pedestrian bridge over Park Blvd, and continues down the Prado where landmarked architecture from the 1915 Panama-California Exposition and restored electric cars transport visitors to an integral part of San Diego’s early history.

An unanimous photography favorite, the multiple-arched Cabrillo/ Laurel St. Bridge unsurprisingly wins the award for best bridge view: lines of the 163 leading to a picturesque skyline on one side(with opportunities to catch airplanes) and an abundance of nature, including coast redwoods(sadly decaying) on the other, which aesthetically shift with the time of day, weather and seasons.

The gates of the First Ave. Bridge are shorter in person, and the rumble from passing vehicles was surely unsettling as I attempted to photograph a labyrinth of stairs at the bottom of Maple Canyon. This unnerving sensation was duplicated in the next two bridges. However, thanks to this bridge, I found a spot where prime urban airplane shots could be taken, so it wins the award for best airplane views.

Quince St. Bridge wins the award for most panic attacks because it creaks with each step, wooden planks support your movement like a pier, except a pier is over the ocean and I feel safer looking over water than canyons on uneven ground, because at least I could swim lol but man, I just hate heights in general, which is why this hike was awesomely challenging. For what it’s worth, I appreciate the effort that was put into this unique San Diego bridge and the Little Free Library at its street entrance.

Once a “Hidden San Diego” contender for secret bridges(along with other bridges on this list) the not-so-secret Spruce St. Suspension Bridge wins the award for social media favorite, and it’s easy to see why. I commend those who are able to take jumping shots on this bridge because the damn thing swings with each movement.

The Vermont St. Bridge wins the award for most literary bridge, with inspirational wisdom and philosophical quotes embossed and framed all over the place in concrete and blue tiles. Easily the most overlooked bridge on this list in terms of photography.

Finally, the Georgia St. Bridge. Although the pedestrian portion screams unremarkable, it’s best to experience this concrete wonder looking out towards North Park from the top, or admiring the structure itself, from the street.

The historical significance of each bridge is featured in San Diego Reader(where I found this urban hike), all of which I did not wish to repeat or copy/paste. I’ll conclude with this: #exploreyourcity #explorelocal #livelocal


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