Hello.That’s me, i’m Ray.

With a startled ear, I turn to meet this curious character, a slimmed-down, hippie George R. R. Martin, who kindly points out the license plate on the windshield and introduces himself as the proud owner of this VW bus that doubled as a subject/model for my Pink365 project. He informs me that I’m the vehicle’s first photographer of the day(which is below average) and volunteers to pose for a quick portrait.

The interrogative part of my brain lights up and several questions blend in my head for about 45 seconds:

Where are you from?

What brings you to San Diego?

Have you been to Summer of Love or the Human Be-In?

Have you driven cross-country with this bus?

Have you seen The Grateful Dead? (assuming he’s a Dead Head).

What are your favorite counterculture experiences from the 60s/70s?

What was the British Invasion like?

But I don’t ask him these things–instead I express enthusiastic admiration(I’ve never seen a pink one before!) over this vehicle, graciously thank him for the photo opportunity, then politely excuse myself. This dude, a potential human storybook of 60s counterculture, must’ve had some incredible anecdotes, if only I had more time to spare to listen and learn.



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