Siah Dude. Where did the time go–seems like yesterday(we used to rock the show), you were tiny, immobile and slept through the days before grasping an infant concept of time, pointing at that strange object on the wall, the pendulum, the clock, and now you’re starting to talk, associating a word with that clock, but it comes out in an unfamiliar sound, along with a speedy walk towards the great unknown, the kitchen we constantly keep you from entering, the three-step baby isn’t here anymore, eat sleep poop repeat, your silly, smart & clever personality is showing, and you’re growing with this world of yours, yearning to explore, but we need to keep you safe, because this world could be dangerous, malicious and cruel, but I promise you that there’s beauty in it, look at your parents, your grandparents , your great-grandparents, your godparents, your aunts and uncles, you’re barricaded by love, unconditional love from countless beautiful humans who have witnessed your growth since birth and will continue to spread an abundance of love, support and care for you in the duration of your lifetime, love you and happy happy birthday.


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