Oh THAT’S Hamilton’s.

Or “Hammy’s” as the regulars affectionately call it.

That was my initial thought when I first discovered South Park’s existence as I mentally pointed out the Old-English type bearing the name of the fabled local haunt on a medieval-styled, hanging business sign. I accidentally slipped through this sleepy part of the city a couple of years ago, and it’s strange to have taken me this long to finally explore and photograph this charming neighborhood. North Park’s polar opposite is a refreshingly tranquil walk through tree-lined streets, antiquated street lamps & christmas tree lights, and narrow blocks filled with small  independent businesses, bars, mom and pop shops, galleries, interspersed with urban art and manicured and disordered lawns of Craftsman and Colonial Revival homes, most carefully curated for maintenance and decorative public display. Also,  the highest concentration of Volkswagen Beetles i’ve ever seen in such a compact space.


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