Editing photos has been a first-world, spoiled Southern Californian struggle–it’s tough to work at my desk and use the computer, with what, these bitter 25+ mph winds, melancholy skies, and this triple-layer blanket barrier against a mid-40s chill in the late PM(apologies to rest of US).

San Deezy basically swapped nicknames with Chicago, real quicks.

Okay, I could just STFU and put on a sweater.

Or continue to lay in bed, comfortably wrapped in a blanket burrito, and blog from an app.

Yea, dat.

But I digress, the frosty air has held me hostage, and I must meet its demands to organize my cluttered mind, before it blows my brains out…with like, a super strong breeze or something.

The old Vans boxes reside under my bed, where they continue to store mementos and miscellany from the past 10+ years, and cough up dust every now and then. I took out this particular box to look for Universal Studios annual pass(that I may have misplaced) for this weekend, and add some Windy City things.

Out of all these items, it was the “Earth, Wind, and Fire” ticket stub that sparked the epiphany, the realization that I’ve actually seen them perform Fantasy, September, Let’s Groove, and Reasons live, brought all these amazing things I’ve experienced to light. I can also die Happy knowing that I’ve seen Pharrell & NERD perform and that Michael Bae Jordan hugged me after I apologized to him for not seeing all his work(but no photo, so it isn’t real [womp womp] lol ).

In this crazy, insta-share world, it’s pretty easy to get caught up in what others are doing, instead of focusing on making your own moves. It’s always cool to acknowledge others, especially those who deserve it, but it’s also incredible to sit back, take a look at the newsfeed of your life, and double-tap the moments, experiences, and accomplishments you’re most proud of, and comment on how they made you feel. Here’s to new adventures, new goals to check off, and more Vans boxes to fill with pieces of me, no Ashlee Simpson(punches self in face repeatedly).


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