Found Photographs. 

Our love was lost. But now it’s found. 

Project 2 was a semester-long assignment dedicated to analyzing found photography(recovery of  lost or discarded photos), and approaching the content through one or more of the following contexts: voyeur(one who looks), Sherlock Holmes(investigative),  and surreal(dream-like). 

sidenote: do not Google image search voyeur in class.  Ever.

I tried my luck at several antique shops and thrift stores in La Mesa for non-portrait images, but all available photos were 1800s portraits that I certainly didn’t wish to pay over $5 for. My classmate told me to check out Mattson Co. in Linda Vista, and this place had boxes of old photographs, priced from 50 cents to $3.00. I specifically chose these three photos for the opportunity to create a fun narrative from a Sherlock Holmes analysis–who are these humans? What’s their story? 

The inspiration for Love Lost came from the Temper Trap song of the same name, the lyrics played in my head as I lifted the third photo from a dusty pile of misplaced memories, immediately drew  a connection between the boy in the first two photos and the man in the last, and generated this fictionalized account of him and his anonymous love, ending on a lazily, open-ended note: 

And everything changed. 


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