After singling out photos and requesting color prints  for Project 3 from my recent NYC trip, my photo professor asked a peculiar question: what do you think of yourself? T’was strange indeed how do I even approach this question, like what do I think of myself as a person? A photographer? Or how do these photographs define me? What? So I stood knee-deep in the shallow end of this interrogative pool, and supplemented my replies with ‘safe’ words like ‘decent,’ ‘practice,’ and ‘improvement’  to hopefully land on some middle ground between modesty and arrogance. I don’t believe i’m a special little snowflake from some wardrobe fantasy land, but after 12 years of playing in this field, I somewhat acknowledge that I have a knack for picture-making. And it feels weird to say that, because I never want to come across as boastful, so I rarely admit that i’m 100% skilled at anything. I do believe that I should give myself more credit– though i’m not one to rely on double-tapped hearts and likes for external validation, I’m still appreciative of whatever praise my work receives, even if it means one person, a professional of that field, complimenting my photos during a class critique. Keep learning, keep growing. 


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