Saturday night turnup: Merlot, mac and cheese, Banks’ Bedroom Wall, Drowning & her other lyrics, as well as fun little photo edits.

Project 3 is  based on the work of  Japanese street photographer, Daido Moriyama, and his concept of wandering the streets  like a “stray dog,” and making the camera your slave. The whole idea was to capture people, places, and things–nouns in their natural state–without all the posing and staged presence of a DSLR,  and what better way to sneakily capture the essence of the human experience, than with a disposable camera(and other film stuff) or even a smartphone. So basically, capturing moments without humans realizing it(which most did, unfortunately). I didn’t get the shots I wanted, but it’s all another lesson learned.

Our LA trip took place on the day of Zette’s wedding, which I placed at higher importance than adventuring through a congested city that every so often, had that old city smell of  spoiled Chinese food left in a refrigerator overnight.

Kiiiiidddding, kinda.  

Still love you, though.  It’s okay,  on a whack day, Downtown San Diego has that “I forgot to flush the toilet,” smell sometimes. 

ANYWAY, I needed to get lost in a big(ger) city and capture the goings-on of whatever that place entailed- San Diego, with all its natural beauty and indie kid tendencies, has a building height restriction(no thanks to that airport), which limits the big city feels that one would experience while  walking around the NYC, Chicago? or downtown Los Angeles/Hollywood/Sunset Boulevard(Big ups to LA for Griffith Park, Angels Knoll Park & Angels Flight, Bradbury Building, and their old movie houses, too). 

Since I couldn’t reach a city of that caliber in such short notice, my next “best bet” out of SD, was Oceanside, which I could’ve easily traded in for Solana Beach, Del Mar or even Carlsbad, because Oceanside is that shy, but handsome dude  who sits in the back of the class, with so much to offer, but doesn’t know how to express it and doesn’t wish to, aka fine but boring AF. Couldn’t even take pics at the California Surf Museum! Wiggity wiggity whack. As a result, my photos matched the dullness of scenes that could easily be mistaken as backdrops of Imperial Beach. With that being said, I seriously need a reshoot!


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