Week 21: Humanize

All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others. 

Currently taking a humanities course called American Culture, which explores the sociopolitical and historical contexts in American history, and the various mediums(films, shows, novels) in which they’ve been represented throughout the years. Two weeks ago, we read Their Eyes Were Watching God, and viewed/analyzed  Django Unchained and Dave Chappelle’s Time-Haters skit(professor is such a cool dude), for the Birth of A Nation portion. Last week, we read Maus(pictured), a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel, illustrated with anthropomorphic characters, about the author’s father’s experiences during the Holocaust. Three awesome things: this is a Mexican-Canadian professor teaching American Culture,  our required reads for the closing weeks are graphic novels, and this particular one had a visual Animal Farm vibe to it. 


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