A few shots from last month’s Gaslamp photography assignment. My professor wanted us to write an essay about our shoot, so here’s an excerpt:

The premature summer sun of a cloudless mid-afternoon exhales 80 degree breaths against the back of my neck, as I embark on this photographic journey through Downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. My weapon of choice is a Canon Rebel T3i, equipped with a 18-55mm kit lens. My journey begins at the Historic Heart of San Diego sign on Fifth Avenue, and I slowly work my way through 16.5 blocks of charming 19th century architecture and revitalized entertainment venues, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, art galleries, theaters, shops, and more. Personally, exploring this Downtown neighborhood as a  photographer is an entirely different experience, compared to rushing through the city during daily commutes and swimming through the neon buzz of its intoxicating nightlife. The  visual vagabond in me has become better acquainted with the fine little details, creativity, moods  and diverse personalities of  buildings & humans that make this city uniquely beautiful. We may not have the concrete canyons and pedestrian floods  of New York City, but at least we maintain a steady current of different characters that regularly flow through each block, from tourists on Segway’s to funky outfits/styles, silly signs, costumed pets & their owners, and outlandish vehicles, that make each laidback stroll something to look forward to. 

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