Ah, March Madness. That wonderful time of the year for college basketball to shine. But along with all things NCAA, Mardi Gras, and St. Paddy’s Day,  comes the minor stress of midterm season. As a result, there has been a shift in the blogosphere equilibrium, all of which i’m making up for, today.

This photo fail was taken at the Fresno-Chaffe Zoo, towards the end of a birthday celebration for my friend’s daughter. Earlier that day, around 10 or 11, this vacant seat of branches was occupied by a majestic Sloth Bear. These massive mammals with a notably unkempt appearance,  are aptly named for their extremely long claws, which they use for digging up insects such as ants and termites, their main diet. So imagine this giant creature actively playing around this enclosure, momentarily positioned in the center of this sign, and even posing for a bit to take in its audience. It was a magical moment that couldn’t be captured because we were pre-occupied with party preparations. When we came back later that afternoon, sleepy bear was  already taking a nappy nap. Womp, womp.

It’s a gorgeous day today, there’s wind slicing through this heatwave, so i’m thinking of doing my photo assignment on the embarcadero. Gotta love the waterfront. And I might as well make up one challenge and do this week, while i’m at it.

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