Week 6: Hidden From View


Gandalf the Grey had an alternate revival as Gandalf the Paint, an extremely downsized model of his former self, whose staff was replaced by a majestic paintbrush. I found him by chance, walking up the stairs of the dreaded X lot, aka Devil’s Staircase. As I looked around at the miscellaneous art pieces scattered around the walkway, my eyes caught sight of a blue dot in the corner of the hill.I got closer, zoomed in and there he was. You could easily miss him, if you weren’t paying much attention/ in a rush to get to class. This guy is actually in a tough spot—tough as in someone had to either be super inebriated or crazy athletic or a ninja, to place him in his current location. He now watches over the weary art and design majors climbing up these steps and gives them the strength to carry supplies and endure back-to-back three hour courses. And climb more stairs.


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